Poll: Could You Have Sex Every Day For A Year?

The New York Times had an interesting article in the Style section about two couples, both with books coming out, who made a commitment to have sex every day for a set period of time. One couple did it everyday for a year, the other for 101 days straight. The premise was that to keep sexual satisfaction going in a marriage, you kind of have to work for it — so these couples made a commitment to do it everyday, whether they were sick, not in the mood, running late for work, whatever the usual excuse might be to not drop your drawers and have a hump. An interesting experiment to say the least, and one I considered trying myself for about a half second, before I realized the feef goes out of town for work atleast once a month and OH YEAH, sometimes I would seriously much rather watch TV and paint my toenails. But what about you guys — is this an experiment you would be willing to try yourself? [NY Times]