Condoms: Just the Tips

Condoms, the wonder rubbers, keep the sex safe like a superhero protecting a city. But there’s such a thing as condom Kryptonite. Before you get scared of imminent doom in the bedroom, here are six tips to stop your condoms from being rendered powerless.

  1. When you’re cookin’ in the bedroom, never use oil-based lubricants like vegetable shortening, cold cream, or Vaseline. In addition to being a bit greasy, they can actually damage the latex. Only use water or silicone based lubricants and slip slide away!
  2. Although they’re made for a hot, wet place, store condoms in somewhere cool and dry until your ready to unleash ‘em.
  3. While condoms last longer than any sex romp — even if you’re into kama sutra — they do expire eventually. If they’ve got spermicide, they’re good for three years max. If they’re just plain ole rubbers — five years.
  4. Always use latex rubber condoms because lambskin and other “natural” materials are permeable and the tiny pores will not prevent the spread of STDs.
  5. While carrying a condom with you seems like a good preemptive measure, you can actually damage the goods that way. Make sure the packaged condom is protected from punctures and accidental rips so your smart game plan isn’t blown by foul play in your purse.
  6. If you’re going through the back door, aka the booty, you must change condoms before you enter the main dining room, aka the va-jay-jay. After all, you don’t want to track across your clean floor. [Men’s Health]