The Mother Of Invention Could Be You

Still upset you didn’t win the school science fair? Well, Whirlpool is giving you a chance to come in first place as an adult. The company has just announced their 4th Annual Mother of Invention Contest for crafty women with clever product ideas. Prizes include a $20,000 grant for the winner, four runners up will get $6,000 a piece, enrollment in business boot camp, and of course some will even be awarded appliances. Past award-winning innovations include a baby bottle nipple that adjusts to fit the sizes of a variety of bottles, a plunger that stores under the hood of the toilet, a waterproof bra, and a germaphobe’s dream cleaning service for children’s toys. So while the competition is stiff, the catch is, you also have to have been through labor. But you know, mothers know best. [Start Up Spark]