The Daily Squeeze: Harvard Hates Harry Potter, Nudism, Women Voters, And Teen Sex On The Rise

  • Some Harvard grads were a little pissy that their Ivy League school invited Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to speak at commencement rather than, say, Bill Gates. Get over it, nerds, J.K. rules! [NPR]
  • Nudism has become so popular in the U.K., that a TV show has just debuted focused on getting people to accept their nude body for the beautiful perfection that it is. Called The Great British Body, the real people on the show gradually become more accepting of the body they’ve been given, rather than seeking out makeovers and plastic surgery. []
  • Women make up the majority of registered voters. So why didn’t some of them vote for Hillary Clinton? [Time]
  • A government survey seems to indicate that teen sex rates may be on the rise, while condom use is falling. Oh abstinence education proponents, when will you pull your heads out of the sand? [Washington Post]