I Am Neurotic And So Are You!

I’ve thought for a very long time that I have some sort of O.C.D. because I can’t function during the day if my bed is unmade and can spot a dust bunny from 20 feet away. But then I heard about this site, i am neurotic, where people submit examples of their own wakcy neurosis, and realized I am totally pretty normal. But wow, do people have funny, interesting little things they have to do in order to remain sane during their every day lives, like:

  • “I cannot poop if my shirt is all the way on. I have to put one arm out of my sleeve, and put that side of my shirt on my shoulder. I also find it hard to poop with my shoes on, and will take them off if I’m at home. If I’m out and about I will suffer through the shoe thing, but not the shirt.”
  • “I have a strange belief that inanimate objects have feelings. When I was younger, if I ate a piece of candy and threw the wrapper away (tootsie rolls for example), I would have to eat another so that I could throw two wrappers away and they wouldn’t be lonely.”
  • “I hate the touch of unpolished wood. Holding a popsicle stick gives me goosebumps. I have to eat popsicles by holding the stick with my sleeve, even though it gives me purple stains.”
  • Check out the site and then chime in with yours here. Like, I really enjoy flossing my teeth with strands of my hair while I watch TV. I just can’t help myself, it’s very satisfying. The feef says it is disgusting. [i am neurotic]