Crave: Quiksilver’s New Duds

So I’m flipping through Lucky this morning, which is normally filled with clothes I totally can’t afford (seriously, a $700 shirt guys?), when I noticed a blurb about Quiksilver. You know, the surf clothing company? Apparently they’ve hired a new designer and she’s taking their women’s street wear line in a totally new, awesome direction. Check out the look above, plus a few others after the jump. Catherine, who is out of the office today, is totally going to go ape&%$# for that tie-neck dress. The line won’t start becoming available until mid-July, so mark your calendars. If that dress sells out though, we will know who to blame! []

Center: [$68, Lesley Dress; $98, Stella Cardigan]
Top Row: [(model on left) $68, Erin Sweater; $88, Minnie Skinny Jeans; (model on right) $78, Erin Top; $88, Kendra Pants]
Bottom Row: [(model on left)$64, Francie Shirt; $48, Alice Tee; $98, Brittany Jeans; (model on right)$138, Erin Dress; $78, Kelly Jacket]