Poll: What Do You Think Of “Cat Men”?

Until a couple months ago, I didn’t know any single guys who owned cats. Men are supposed to be into dogs, or so we’re told, them being “man’s best friend” and all. I randomly looked up the word “wuss” in an online dictionary, and the sample sentence reads, “Cats are for wusses, dog men say.” But I live in a city where dog ownership could be compared to driving a Hummer. Being in possession of either requires a big commitment in both time and money, and just as it’s impossible to find a parking spot big enough for an H3, dogs can be an inconvenience. So, men seem to being latching onto cats as an acceptable furry friend no longer reserved for lonely single women — I’ve met two who own two cats each in the last month alone.

An excerpt of self-professed “cat man” Tom Cox’s book Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man reads: “Being a heterosexual man and admitting to another heterosexual man that you like cats can feel a little like telling him that you still sleep alongside your childhood collection of teddy bears.” He has six cats.

I’m wondering what you think about guys who own cats — cool or creepy? [NOTE: I never really understood why some people are so into cats, but then I saw a tiny kitten AND met a cool cat in the same week, and now I’m changing my tune.] [The Times, U.K.]