Miley Cyrus Dating Backup Dancer?

Miley Cyrus is reportedly dating her 22-year-old backup dancer, Marshall. There hasn’t been an official confirmation on this, but the two have been caught flirting on camera, and there’s a photo of Miley kissing him on the cheek. Now, that’s only a seven-year age difference, but she’s 15. Has she even “become a woman” yet? After the jump, a few other underage celeb relationships — why don’t guys have relationships with older women when they’re under 18? Or do they, and nobody cares? [ThinkFashion]

  • Hilary Duff & Joel Madden They dated for more than two years but their eight-year age difference proved to be too much. “With the amount of time that we had invested in each other, I felt disrespected that he moved on so quickly…But some people don’t want to deal with how they feel, so they cover it up. Rebound! I shouldn’t say that. You know what, though? Now I don’t care.” That was Hil then, now she’s got a cute hockey boyfriend and Joel’s a dad. []
  • Lindsay Lohan & Wilmer Valderrama Wilmer and Lindsay kept their relationship a secret (well, at least they didn’t make it official) until after she turned 18. “We try to keep it more under wraps because it is a lot more meaningful that way,” Wilmer had said. Right…or maybe he just didn’t want to go to jail. []
  • Hayden Panettiere & Stephen Colletti These two felt no need to hide their relationship, even though she was only 17. Who knows why they broke up, but Hayden seems to have a thing for older men. Now that she’s 18, she can go as old as she wants. []
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