Drinking Young Means A Higher Risk Of Dependence

You probably started drinking before your mom, or at the very least your grandmother. On average, women born before 1944 started drinking at age 20, while those born after that started drinking at age 17. Unfortunately, it’s not all champagne dreams and beergoggles for us, though. Women born after 1944 also have a greater risk for alcohol dependence than those born before that time. Richard A. Grucza, assistant professor of psychiatry at Washington University and one of the study’s authors, wonders whether lowering the drinking age would have any effect on women’s alcohol dependency, because genetic predispositions can’t have changed so much over such a short period of time: “Our findings would suggest that from a public-health point of view, lowering the legal drinking age might lead to increased rates of alcohol dependence.” Somewhere, a high school student is groaning (and asking a sketchy neighbor to buy her a case of Natural Light). [Newswise]

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