Tilda Swinton: Polyamorous Poster Girl

Actress Tilda Swinton, who looks like David Bowie circa The Man Who Fell To Earth, has openly admitted to being “an open lover” — also like the music icon in the ’70s. Swinton, who now holds one gold naked man called Oscar, bravely admitted to sleeping with two other dudes — a young German painter, Sandro Kopp, almost 20 years her junior, and a Scottish playwright (her baby daddy) about 20 years her senior, John Byrne. While this submitter can barely get one dude to buy her dinner, Tilda Swinton’s getting plenty o’ dessert. That being said, Tilda knows what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. As it turns out three’s company, but four is a fine family that even shares a household. It’s recently come out that the father of her twins, John Byrne, has had another lover for the past two years also — a lighting designer named Jeanine Davis, 42. Wow! “I know some people will struggle to understand it, but it works for us,” Byrne said. [Practical Polymory]