The Nookie Know-It-All: Squirting Stats

“What percentage of women ejaculate and why?” — Squirt Alert, via email

Female ejaculation (aka shooting or gushing) has been a topic of discussion for hundreds of years. Even Aristotle pondered about “vaginal expulsions”. Which I THINK begs an even different question: Aristotle was so good in bed he made women gush?

Well, most scientists will agree that it’s not how good a guy is in bed that determines whether or not she shoots, it’s the size of her G-spot, and how susceptible she is to stimulation.

And that fluid that comes out? While nobody knows for sure what it’s made of, most scientists believe it originates from the Skene’s gland, and has similar qualities to the prostate (in males AND females).

There’s no exact percentage of women who ejaculate. Some studies say 10%, some say 6%, some say 40%, and some studies say that every woman ejaculates…some women just do it in more noticeable amounts. (Sorry, Aristotle.)

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