Poll: Would You Still Work If You Married A Millionaire?

Cary Tennis, who writes an advice column for Salon.com, has a really doozy on his hands. “A”, 27, writes that she has a B.A. in English and a Masters from Oxford University; she considers herself smart and ambitious, but after graduating, she met and fell in love with a man who revealed to her after they had gotten engaged that he had inherited $3 million. Since then, “I’ve had a very weird time trying to explain to friends, without really saying what’s involved, that we do not have to work. And I’m also having a weird time with what I should do with myself.” In the meantime, the couple talks about moving to Mexico, drinks a lot of beer, and watches movies. She’s wondering what she should do with her life since she can basically “do anything.”

Cate Sevilla at DollyMix.tv wonders if you would still work if you married a millionaire? Personally, I would, because having a ton of money may mean it’s harder to be bored, but it makes it easier for you to be boring, especially if you don’t do anything that defines you beyond being a millionaire’s wife. But what do you think?