He-Man To Become Master Of The Big Screen

Our prayers have been answered! He-Man, the hunky half-naked animated hero, is getting a new live-action feature film,Gray Skull: The Masters of The Universe. The script is finally done, but now who can fill He-Man’s loincloth? We have some casting ideas:

HE-MAN Amelia thinks Matthew McConaughey can step into the fur boots — lord knows Matthew likes sporting a girlie mane and no shirt. But I’m all for this year’s award winning hottie, Javier Bardem, who can really rock a bowl cut (even if it’s blonde!).

SHE-RA As for his butt-kickin’ sister, She-Ra Princess of Power, I think the role could only be filled by Uma Thurman. As an alternative, I’d like to see Scarlett Johansson wield a sword. You know that ho is dying to slash someone after her Tom Waits cover album got so many bad reviews.

SKELETOR To fill the shoes of the evil villain — and maybe I’m just saying this because Michael K. from Dlisted calls him by the nickname — I think Marc Anthony has got the look. He has attempted to act (in last year’s El Cantante) and this would obvi be a perfect comeback role for him.

BATTLE-CAT Last but not least, is He-Man’s trusty pet, Battle Cat. Bret Michaels, your phone is blowin’ up! You know the Poison frontman would do it for the cash, his plastic surgery is a bit cat-like, he’s also from the 80’s, he has enough hair extensions, and I’m sure he’s worn a leash before.

So, with our casting suggestions and fan boy Joel Silver running the show, this He-Man movie is well on its way to becoming a cinematic classic. Well, you had my $10 at “He-Man”. [Ain’t It Cool via Latino Review]