What People Are “Too Busy” For This Week

Poor oranges. They’re delicious, but they can be a little messy, and for the third year in a row, orange consumption has fallen, according to a Reuters article. A survey in England showed that people are simply “too busy” to spend their time peeling the juicy fruit, preferring fruits like satsumas and tangerines, which both had increased consumption and are, apparently, quicker to consume. This seemed ridiculous, so we poked around the internet to see what else people are “too busy” to do in these hurried times. Read our top five after the jump. [Reuters]

  • “Women are too busy now for all those [couture] fittings,” Coco Chanel said in a 1957 article in the Christian Science Monitor reprinted this week. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Kim Cattrall said she’s too busy for children: “Right now in my life, I don’t know how I could fit a child in.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • An article in the Sydney Morning Herald begins, “You’d think fashion folk would be far too busy worrying where the next designer bag is coming from to pay any attention to emerging economies (India, Vietnam) and developing nations (Afghanistan, Kenya),” but no! They’re not too busy! There’s a tribal trend going on! [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • If you’re too busy shopping at fancy stores, “that oversight could cost you a great opportunity to make money,” reports CNBC. [CNBC]
  • Sometimes people in Reading, PA, are too busy to make it to the passport office when it’s open Monday through Saturday. [Reading Eagle]