Pole-Dancing Tee: Billy Elliot Lives!

Pole dancing is all the rage with suburban housewives or as we like to call them, “Stellas gettin’ their groove back.” But America isn’t the only pole-lovin’ motherland; the U.K.’s got a case of stripper fever too. Although earlier in the season, a 40-year-old mom slid down Britain’s Got More Talent, but her skills don’t even compare to the technique of the living Billy Elliot. After lifting himself up out of the ghetto and up onto the side of a street lamp pole, the 14-year-old boy break-danced his way to the top. Last season, he was told he wasn’t good enough, but George “Comeback Kid” Sampson picked himself up and practiced to make it perfect. His hard work paid off and he just won the entire televised competition on his second time around. George’s rendition of Singin’ In The Rain would make even Gene Kelly cry, but this submitter openly admits to her runny mascara. Look out Justin Timberlake, this kid’s got talent! [Daily Mail]