Jane Pratt’s Rough Ride

Jane Pratt used to be my hero, back when I had heroes. She became the youngest Editor-in-Chief ever when she was hired to edit Sassy, the coolest teen mag ever and always, when she was only 24. She then went on to edit, Jane, targeted at 20-something women — both of these magazines, Sassy especially, spoke to women in a way no other women’s magazine had…like smart, funny, sexually empowered human beings. Pratt was profiled in Sunday’s Page Six magazine, discussing her sudden departure from Jane a year-and-a-half before the magazine was shuttered, which came on the heels of a double miscarriage of her twin babies. In the article she talks about bouncing back from those rough couple of years (which also included a breakup with her longtime fiance), moving in with the Arquettes, and hosting her new Sirius Radio Show (Jane, please, have The Frisky on!) — she was also photographed her adorable daughter, Charlotte, who she hopes will never do the drugs and sexual stuff she did when she was a wild Drew Barrymore-and-Michael Stipe-smoochin’ hussy. But…but…that was the Jane who was my hero! [Jane Radio On Sirius]