The Lost Finale Rocked My World

Last night’s season finale of Lost was basically the best two hours of my life, I think. I was on the edge of my seat; I cried my eyes out; and at the end I’m pretty sure my entire building heard me scream, “What?!?!” As to not give away any spoilers to fellow fans who haven’t seen the two-hour episode (What is wrong with you? Don’t you have PRIORITIES?), I’ll put my Top Five Favorite Moments after the jump… 1. The Ship Blows Up: This wasn’t a happy scene, but it was a great one. The woman who plays Sun just nailed it as she watched Jin die in the fiery explosion (or, at least, we think he’s dead, but I like to hold out hope). I was bawling my eyes out.
2. Ben Stabs The Guy Who Killed His Daughter In The Neck: Ben, seriously, might be the coolest character on TV. He’s the perfect mix of funny and creepy. I loved it when Locke was like, “Hey dude, why did you do that when you knew it would blow up the ship?” and Ben was all, “So?” It was very Dick Cheney.
3. The Island Moves: So when the island moves it also moves to another time right? I love all it takes to move that damn island is Ben pushing a wheel, HA! But now that the island has moved, how are the Oceanic 6+ (as we learned Desmond is also off the island in addition to the six) going to get back if they don’t know where the island is? So many questions…
4. Desmond and Penny Reunite: My friend Carolyn said that this took a little bit of the pain out of Jin dying because as Sun and Jin’s relationship came to a close, a new one began with Penny and Desmond. I predict we will see A LOT of them next season, especially since Ben clearly wants vengeance for his daughter’s death. Also, Desmond is seriously sexy. Do you think he just yells, “Aye! Aye! Aye!” when he and Penny have sex?
5. Sawyer Jumps Out Of The Helicopter: I love that Sawyer has been redeemed, but hasn’t lost his bad boy edge, at least not yet. I’m sure there’s some nerd out there right now, extrapolating the sound from that scene so we can hear what Sawyer whispers to Kate. Also, I am going to be buggin’ out if they put Sawyer with stupid Juliet next season. Just because you’re stuck on the now-moved island together, doesn’t mean you need to bone, you two.

Oh, okay, one more:

6. Locke Is In The Motherf*&%ing Coffin: I was shocked. But then the wheels started turning…remember how they said that bad things started to happen on the island after the six left? I wonder if Locke let the power go to his head…or if Richard took the opportunity to take charge and changed the way The Others did things… As far as Locke’s “suicide” — if that is true, I suspect it happened because when he left the island, for whatever reason, he got his paralysis back.

Anyway, god knows when the next season will start (maybe Fall?) but in the meantime, if you love to read Lost theories, check out this site, The Time Loop Theory, which I really think potentially hits the nail on the head. But if you don’t like knowing any potential theories, stay away. It is VERY thorough. Instead, check out the Sawyer Nickname Generator. Mine is “Milquetoast”!