The Top 5 Words You Should Never Say On A First Date

First dates are awkward. You don’t know if the chemistry will be there or what to wear or even what to talk about. But there are a few things you definitely shouldn’t mention. Inspired by The Dating Lame and a bad date who described Iggy Pop’s sweat as “glistening rock nectar” (über icky) here are The Frisky’s Top 5 Words You Should Never Ever Say On A First Date:

5. Ex-boyfriend. Been there, done that, now you’re trying to date someone else. Tell the sob story to someone who cares about you already and give this new guy the chance to earn the same status. 4. Rash. A red, blotchy, puss-filled rash may be uncomfortable to have, but it’s even more irritating to mention. Anything itchy is definitely not sexy, not to mention the potential health risk. And the word “rash” alone can send someone into a tailspin of sympathy scratching.

3. Loins. Weird words like this one give people the creeps. And by creeps, we mean they’re associated with pervy old peeps. Later on down the line, an antiquated lexicon for your more personal areas may be funny. But on the first date, try not to freak your prospective partner out with tainted terminology.

2. Debt. Unlike your date who is hopefully touchy in a good way, money is a touchy subject. Whether you ran up a bill on QVC or by making a documentary film, it’s your business. Everyone who has been to college can relate to debt, but even if your higher education is sapping your future earnings, you may not have a future with your date. So, save it for later — like you should with your cash flow.

1. Pap (as in smear). Visiting the OB/GYN is important, but like the aforementioned ex-boyfriend, this is not exactly the colorful imagery you want to conjure. If you are going to go there on your first date (and we’re not sure you should), make sure your dirty talk is just a little more subtle.