The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: What To Buy Us For Our (Mostly, Imaginary) Wedding

Working on The Frisky’s Wedding Gift Guide is the first chance I’ve had to start looking in the wonderfully wide world of wedding registration. There is just so much crap people can buy you! Gravy boats, and $50 forks, and poufy, soft-as-melted-butter towels with monogramming. But the truth is, I would rather register for fun stuff, like the list after the jump. And for fun, I asked Catherine and Simcha for their dream wedding registry lists. Maybe they’ll give you ideas for your own wedding registry, or what to buy your funny cousin Mildred for her big day. Amelia’s List

1. Fisher Girl Pink Fishing Rod I really enjoy fishing, but don’t have my own pole. I like this one. Yes, because it is pink.

2. Custom Neon Sign Preferably in purple lighting. With our initials. It would be classy.

3. Bi-weekly Delivery Of Peonies Even when they are not in season. For a year.

4. West Elm Faux Bois Mirror I need something to look at myself in when the feef is in the bathroom for 30 minutes in the morning.

Catherine’s List

1. EPCO 110mm Personalized Tournament Bocce Set Couples often bond by engaging in friendly competition with other couples. My tennis game isn’t the best, but I rule the bocce court.

2. Horse Lamp Lighting is essential.

3. First-Edition Copy of The Westing Game
Maybe my husband could buy this for me as a wedding present. I’ve always thought it’s a little strange for newly married couples to give each other wedding presents. Like, isn’t promising a lifetime of love enough? But this is only $20, and it would be a very thoughtful gift.

4. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Plus Pasta Roller Attachment Who doesn’t love homemade pasta? (Also, pasta is one of the few things I can cook, so this might trick my new husband into thinking I’m a gourmet chef.)

Simcha’s List

1. Maid Service Gift Certificate Who has time for cleaning? Not this newlywed!

2. Wüsthof Classic 10-Piece Knife Set To circumcise our future sons! Just kidding.

3. Satin Sheets Who doesn’t love sleeping on something slippery and cold?

4. La Toscana Handheld Massaging Showerheads (2) Get your mind out of the gutter. I enjoy a tag team in my shower.