The Daily Squeeze: A Self-Help Book By Tila Tequila, A Song For Britney Spears, And A Crystal Carpet

  • Tila Tequila just got a book deal. “In this book I will give advice on love, relationships, sex, and how to make your dreams turn into reality…just like I did!” Oh dear. []
  • Sex Pistols’ singer John Lydon wants to help Britney Spears. “She has been hurt,” he said. “And hurt is the root core essence of good music. I haven’t written a song for Britney yet but I would love to. I’d like to help out because there’s a girl who needs some help.” [AHN]
  • Last night’s Sex and the City premiere featured a pink carpet dusted with Swarovski crystals. Who says we’re in a recession? [ABC News]