The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: Only Online

ZOMG! It’s wedding season! You know what that means? If you’re getting married, you’ve got to register for gifts and if you’re going to a wedding (or many weddings, as these things tend to come in droves), you’ve got to start purchasing. Most wedding registries are done online these days, but not everyone registers at department stores or home furnishing shops in search of the perfect 15-piece set of pots and pans. A lot of couples go the more unusual route, and register with online stores with specialized wares. Here are five we think are fun.

1. Honeymoon: Dying to go to Aruba, but don’t have the cash for a super luxurious post-wedding honeymoon? Register your honeymoon vacay with, a site which allows guests to contribute to the special couple’s trip. []

2. Wine: My favorite! Start your hoity-toity wine cellar together, by registering for your favorite bottles of red, white, rose, and bubbly at Be sure to select a bottle or two from the year of your marriage, then store it to drink on your ten year anniversary. []

3. Charity: Give the gift that keeps on giving (not that, perv!) and register with one of the hundreds of charities available on Whether it’s your favorite national animal shelter, a battered women’s organization, or a charity devoted to treating AIDS in Africa, giving to others is the ultimate way to show appreciation for the happiness you’ve been bestowed. []

4. Art: Decorate your apartment, a gravy boat does not! Register for art (both good and bad!), sculptures, and decorative pieces on []

5. Money: Weddings are expensive, a fact I am learning rather quickly. Asking people to send you checks is tasteless, but having them give you money with a credit card is totally in fashion! Now guests can contribute to the wedding fund which fed them those delicious hors d’oeuvres, filled their bellies with cheap champagne, and paid for the awesome DJ who spun all of Neil Diamond’s classics. []