Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of May 27th 2008

  • Rihanna’s new single, “Take A Bow” is out just in time to be your slow summer jam. She looks rad pouting in red lipstick in the video, but the soon-to-be hit is about someone who has been breakin’ Rihanna’s heart! In the track of her tears, just like in Madonna’s Take A Bow, Rihanna applauds her lover for being a good liar and then dumps him. Hmmm, sounds like her last rumored BF, actor Josh Hartnett. Let this be a warning to her new man, pop star Chris Brown. If you eff it up, she’ll get her revenge and cash in for it too.
  • Another sweet release is copping a feel on Her Madgesty — ironically, it’s Cyndi Lauper. Remember, back in the ’80s, when you could either be more into Cyndi or more into Madonna? They were both like a cult of personality. Well, now, no one has to take a side since Cyndi’s new disco record is clearly trying to be her version of Queen M’s Confessions On The Dance Floor. Although, with Lauper’s album Bring Ya To The Brink, she’s taken things too far. She hardly sounds like the classic voice and lady we used to know. Too bad Cyndi got hung up on her old rival, we loved her just the way she was.
  • Now, if you’re really looking for something to get down to, Al Green has just made Lay It Down. Mmm hmm, you know what he’s talking about. His classic smooth moves are all over these new songs, which feature new artists like John Legend. Produced by the hot hip-hop prodigy ?uestlove, Al Green is guaranteed to put you in the mood over and over again.