Mind Of Man: Simple Thoughts On Settling Down

Honest Abe is a friend of ours who emails us his interesting observations about men, women, relationships, sex, and dating from time to time. And from time to time we will excerpt these thoughts in Mind Of Man. Hate it or love it, we’re sure it’ll really be that simple.

I had a conversation yesterday with a close friend the other day, as she was sharing with me her frustration with her boyfriend of 4 years, and his unwillingness to settle down (i.e. popping the question). Here’s the truth, as I told her, about men. Regardless of how great she is, if we’re not ready to settle down, we’re just not ready to settle down. This is why you see two great people break up, and you wonder why that had to happen. Often, it’s because we’re just not ready. Timing is half the equation for a man. Men have a strange trigger that goes off in our heads which says “ok, I think I’m ready to settle down.” And the next best person that comes along is the one. Note my choice of words – it’s not the next any person that comes along, but the next BEST person that comes along. So if you wonder why that last relationship didn’t work out given how great it was, really, it isn’t you, ladies. This is why the guy you broke up with after 4 years is married with kids two years later. Move on and find a man whose ready to give you what you deserve, which is partly timing driven.

It’s really that simple.