Cease Fire For Homosexuals In The Military

Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t think so! This week, the infamous military policy that allowed homosexuals to be discriminated against in the workplace didn’t stand up in court thanks to Maj. Margaret Witt. The decorated Air Force nurse, who had cared for combat victims for 18 years, was discharged in 2007 because higher-ups heard that she’s gay. Brave and clever, Maj. Witt decided to fight back and sue for her right to serve, and with the help of the ACLU, she won! Her case has now set a precedent wherein the government cannot fire at will when it comes to the sexual orientation of its employees. Like any other job, the military bosses will have to prove there is a real reason for canning any of their personnel. Hooray! We’re hoping this decision will also help The L Word’s sexy servicewoman Tasha keep her military post. We pity the fools who try to mess with any woman, let alone one who is a trained fighter. [MSNBC via World of Wonder]