British Airways’ Fancy Flight Attendant Uniforms

Sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy school teacher. They’re all very sexy, but nothing tops a good, old-fashioned flight attendant’s outfit! Even ladies melt at the thought of a ’60s pillbox hat and matching suit — so glamorous, like a sky-high Jackie O! Well, just like her classic pearls, stewardess uniforms never go out of style. Yesterday, to prove their eternal hotness, British Airways strutted its stuff down another kind of runway. In recognition of the airline’s 60 years of service to Japan, flight attendant trainees modeled fashions from 1946 to today at a Tokyo department store. The psychedelic ’60s floral paper dress and the ’70s space-themed geometric print have us wanting to get some replicas onboard! Feast your eyes on these friendly sky styles. [Mainichi Daily News via Fark]