Couple Survives China Earthquake Together

Last Monday’s earthquake in China has caused all kinds of pain. The official death toll is at 34,000, and more than 200,000 are injured. Being buried together may have helped one couple stay alive and rekindle their relationship. Wang Zhijun and his wife, Li Wanzhi, had just sat down to watch a DVD together when their apartment building began shaking. They were buried, entwined together, when the building collapsed.Before the earthquake, the couple hadn’t been on good terms. Zhijun even spent the Chinese New Year, an important family holiday, alone. But during the 28 hours they were under the rubble, Zhijun and Wanzhi whispered to each other about their 14-year-old daughter and their life together. They couldn’t move because shifting their position might have caused a concrete block to fall on them. Finally, rescuers got to them, and despite injuries and amputations, the two seem positive. “The only thing we had was each other,” Zhijun said. “We encouraged each other to live on, and we said once we got out, we’d live a good life and care for each other. Now we have a new start.” [NY Times]

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