The Daily Squeeze: Plan B, A Sexy Stabbing, And Rihanna’s Flirting Tips

  • Plan B has received over-the-counter status in Canada. Hooray! [Reuters}
  • Rihanna thinks it’s easier to flirt with guys who are friends first: “When I fancy a boy I always start off by hanging out with him in a group. It’s easier to flirt with him as there’s no one-on-one pressure, but he’ll still see you’re the one giving him all the looks and attention.” [AHN]
  • Also in Canada, a woman pleaded guilty to stabbing her boyfriend, nearly killing him, in a botched sex game. Catherine McCoubrey has been sentenced to three years’ probation. Apparently, her boyfriend asked her to carve a heart on his chest, and she accidentally pressed the knife too deep. He had a puncture wound to his heart and was not expected to live. No word on whether they’re still together. []