Top Five “Hot” Guys Who Make Us Feel Icky

This morning Catherine and I were talking about Gossip Girl and how we find the guy who plays Dan really unattractive due to his annoying mouth and weird walk. Then we started going off about all the seemingly “hot” guys out there that everyone oohs and ahhs over that we really think are gross and came up with a short list of ones we agreed upon.
5. Orlando Bloom Have you ever seen him in Troy, that atrocious Brad Pitt movie? He plays the biggest wimpy turd. Honestly, thinking about him in the role, and how convincing he was, makes my stomach turn. Plus, look at that pube ‘stache. Barf.
4. Jesse Metcalfe He’s what Catherine considers a pretty boy — bulgy muscles, no body hair, perfectly groomed eyebrows, and a pearly white veneered smile. He oozes sleaziness.

3. John Mayer Simcha is going to kill me for this one, cause I know she loves the Mayer, but everytime I see that horrible guitar-riff O-face he gives off on stage, I break out in hives.

2. Nick Lachey He has DSL. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. And he has a tribal tattoo. Blech.

1. Jude Law Oh Jude. Your fall from grace has been well-documented. Once so hot, you turned out to be a total weenie and there’s nothing more icky than that. Oh, and nice receding hairline. Karma is a bitch!