Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford: The Truth About Their Catfight

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially when the bitch is Joan Crawford! That crazy drama mama supposedly had her way with everyone from her producers to Marilyn Monroe, but when Bette Davis passed on Crawford’s bisexual advances, the legendary bitter battle supposedly began. The truth is out! According to a new book, when Davis had a crush on one of her other Dangerous co-stars, Crawford set out to bone Franchot Tone first. She invited him over to her place and when he arrived, she was tanning in her solarium naked, and he didn’t leave until well after dark. Of the man stealing, Crawford recounted, “Franchot isn’t interested in Bette, but I wouldn’t mind giving her a poke if I was in the right mood. Wouldn’t that be funny?” Although, Bette won her first Oscar for the 1935 film, she lost Franchot, who became Joan’s second husband. From then on, they literally beat each other, every chance they got. Now, both have passed on, but somewhere in heaven you know the cat fight continues. [Daily Mail]