Another Reason To Get Tested For HPV

Testing for HPV can be twice as effective at protecting women from developing cervical abnormalities as smear testing, according to a study carried out by Hammersmith hospital. In addition to cytology (smear test), the 3,000 women who participated in the study were given an HPV test when they came in for a routine visit. The results showed that the risk of developing cervical abnormalities at 1, 5, and 9 years after a normal smear test was .33 percent, .83 percent, and 2.20 percent. After a negative HPV test, the risk was .19 percent, .42 percent, and 1.88 percent. In my experience, doctors have their own way of doing things that sometimes won’t completely protect you. My gynecologist told me she doesn’t normally test patients for HPV because most people already have the virus in their system anyway. I’m not saying she doesn’t know what she’s doing, because she definitely has her reasons for doing this, but if you really want to protect your cervix, make sure to ask your doc about getting tested for HPV. [Medical News Today]