The McGreevey’s Divorce Should Be Made Into A Movie

Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey and his wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, are going through a messy divorce right now. If you’ve forgotten, Jim resigned after admitting he’d had a gay affair. Now, Dina wants him to pay alimony, but he’s trying to paint the picture that the only reason they lived in luxury was because taxpayers took care of everything — the helicopters, the mansion, the use of beach homes, and the household servants — and they otherwise wouldn’t have had any of it. She says she missed out on at least 13 months of gubernatorial perks since he resigned, and she wants to be compensated for the loss. Things get even more complicated because Jim hasn’t made any child support payments for a year, and he says he relies on his boyfriend to pay for legal fees and lifestyle expenses. Dina is slated to lose her job as a hospital executive later this month because the hospital is closing. AND Dina is asking the court to award her additional money, contending that Jim commited marriage fraud and duped her into marrying him because he needed the cover of a wife to advance his political career. McGreevy says she should have known he was gay. Does anyone else think this would do really well on Lifetime? []