Hooray For Bikes!

If you have a car or live in a city where scary drivers abound, you might not ride a bike around town much, but the next time you put your feet on a set of pedals, give the bike a pat and say “thank you.” Bikes had a big part in changing women’s lives, allowing us to wear shorter skirts and bloomers (the precursor to pants), and getting us out of the house. Before the bike was invented, women weren’t able to travel much since riding side-saddle was uncomfortable and riding the normal way was thought to damage women’s genitals. However, lady bikers didn’t have it easy and were often verbally and physically accosted as they rode. Emma Eades, one of the first women to ride a bike in London, was attacked with bricks and stones and told to go home and behave properly. Lucky for us, those days are gone, and we can pedal in peace. [Mental Floss]