The Frisky’s Top Six Fantasy Guys (According To Profession)

It’s hump day and while we should be busy working, spring flings are on our minds. Boys, boys, all types of boys — it’s the stuff daydreams are made of. According to Savvy Miss, there are ten classic types of dudes that women fantasize about: the pirate, the movie star, the cowboy, the younger guy, bad boy, the musician, the foreigner, older man, the nerd, and the knight in shining armor. Classic. However, we have vivid imaginations and a few more men on our minds — so here are our Top Six Fantasy Lovers:

6. The Astronaut This voyager isn’t afraid to go deep into space. He’s half sexy pilot, half adventurous explorer and 100% irresistible in his helmet.

5. The Professor This smarty pants has a way with words and can even teach you a thing or two. He loves philosophy and poonani. Perfect.

4. The Athlete The sculpted sportsman has got it going on like an Ancient Greek marble statue. It’s always a worth the price of admission to see an aggressive athlete rock hard.

3. The Gay Guy What if you could turn a gay guy straight- like Tom Ford? First we’ll play some Madonna records and then he can dress and undress us up in his love.

2. The Comedian He’ll keep you smiling, in and out of the bedroom. That’s a gift that keeps on giving, so even when they’re funny looking, they’re still charmingly effable.

1. The Handyman He’s good with his hands and isn’t afraid to get dirty. When he’s done nailing you, you can watch him bent over, fixing up the rest of your place.