The Daily Squeeze: Bluetooth Love Notes, Safe Sex, And Wedding Dresses

  • Yesterday, The New York Times told the male side of love in Saudi Arabia, and today, we hear from the ladies. If a woman’s phone has Bluetooth and it’s on in public, it’s highly likely that she’ll be barraged with love poems and phone numbers sent by passing men. [NY Times]
  • Not quite half of the British public uses condoms when they have a new sexual partner, according to a survey conducted for the National AIDS Trust, but almost a quarter of them only stop using a condom after they and their new partner have tested negative for HIV and other STIs. [Medical News Today]
  • Speaking of the British, about 60 percent of women there keep their wedding dress after they get married in it, 7 percent donate the dress to charity, and another 7 percent customize the gown to wear again. What does a rejiggered wedding dress look like? And don’t people recognize the beading? []