Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of May 13th 2008

  • While Amy Winehouse has been cracking up, losing the deal to do the Bond theme song with the dapper Mark Ronson, and covering herself in mud instead of clothing, Welsh singer Duffy has been slaving away on the most sublime new soul album. Rockferry, Duffy’s debut record that takes its name from the town her daddy was born in, is a swanky collection of ’60s style R&B songs. Her first single, Mercy, is hip-shaking a-go-go at it’s greatest and it even gets hipsters to strut. We here at The Frisky are totally mad about this Mod! [Amazon: Duffy, Rockferry]
  • Also out today is Death Cab for Cuties’ Narrow Stairs. Man, these guys have so many feelings they just keep churning out emo-indie classics. Sigh. Fingers crossed lead singer Ben Gibbard will finally make another album with his side project The Postal Service soon…. It’s been 5 years and counting. What, does Zack Braff have to make another movie for you guys to reunite? [Amazon: Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs]
  • Lastly, and Amelia and Catherine are especially excited about this, but Usher’s new album finally “drops” (see, I got the lingo!) today. Here I Stand hopefully has as many awesome hits as his first, “Love In This Club”, promises. Even we are getting a little tired of being bagged like some groceries. [Amazon: Usher, Here I Stand]