Secret Way That Facebook Reveals Your Top Five Stalkers! Maybe!

A Gawker tipster informs the website that if you go to your Facebook page, click on the search field, and then hit the down arrow key, a list of five people with appear. Who are those five people? So far, most people seem to be speculating that they are either the five people you search for/click on the most, the five people who search for/click on you the most, or the five most recent people you’ve clicked on. I tested the final theory by clicking on someone not in my five, but my list still didn’t change. That said, I kind of don’t want to believe that the people most obsessed with me on Facebook include a guy friend, two coworkers (Catherine and Emily — thanks gals), a guy I hooked up with years and years ago, and a random friend who I never talk to. That is depressing. Catherine’s five, on the other hand, is made up of three dudes she’s hooked up with, a guy we bowled against, and me. She is so pimp.

UPDATE: This little trick is no longer working. A Facebook insider told Gawker that the canned response from FB about this is: “The five friends that you see below the search box are populated based on people whom we think you’d be most interested in. Taking into account various factors, we attempt to make an educated guess as to who it is you’re looking for when you start typing a name in the search box. Please note that this information is only visible to you and will not be shared with your friends. We hope that this feature is helpful and we appreciate your feedback. Let me know if you have further questions.” Sorry, I call B.S. Why on earth would they conclude that this random chick I never talk to would be someone I’m most interested in?