Poll: Preventing Pregnancy Should Not Be A Game Of Russion Roulette

Half of the American women who get pregnant each year hadn’t planned on it. Mostly, they either fail to use their contraceptive properly or forget to use it at all. Researchers at the Guttmacher Institute in New York say women who are the least motivated to avoid pregnancy are less likely to use birth control pills, or any contraceptive method, on a consistent method. Basically, they’re tempting fate. And many other women aren’t satisfied with their current method of contraception, so they forget to take their pills every day or keep condoms handy.
To me, the most disturbing piece of information from this study is that women who aren’t too concerned about birth control are ambivalent about preventing pregnancy and even confessed that they would be very pleased if they found out they were pregnant. It’s like, I kind of want a baby, so I’m just not going to worry about following the directions on my pill pack, and maybe I’ll get knocked up. If I get pregnant, it’s meant to be! I wonder if these women tell the guys they’re sleeping with that they’re not very good about taking the pill, because taking birth control at different times every day or forgetting to take it several times a month is like a guy putting on a condom on half of his penis.

Ladies, if you have trouble taking your birth control pills, one of the easiest ways to remember is to set an alarm on your phone that goes off every day. Then, just pop a pill in your mouth, swallow, and smile as you think about being baby free for another month. [Reuters]