More Life Lessons From The Hills

I think we all know by now that The Hills is a semi-scripted reality TV show. Yes, the people are real. Yes, the cameras follow them through the course of their real life. But MTV also creates a storyline and manipulates the real life goings on to meet their storyline’s needs. This season, the story centered around “feminist hero” Heidi, as she took time away from her douchebag boyfriend Spencer so she could focus on herself and her career. On last night’s season finale, MTV basically told the viewers that Heidi had a decision to make between two very different choices — focus solely on her career as a event planner for Brent Bolthouse Productions in Las Vegas or go home with Spencer without even giving her boss notice. Guess which she chose?
Now obviously, this entire job versus boyfriend scenario was completely fabricated — it’s been known for awhile that Heidi doesn’t really work for Bolthouse. I’m sure she never had a job opportunity in Vegas. But that’s neither here nor there — MTV is telling a story and the story they decided to tell is that feminist hero Heidi knows that her hearts belongs with her controlling, jealous boyfriend and not on her own, pursuing her “dreams”. It was such a lame ending to what I know is a totally lame show — I’m sure for dramatic purposes they didn’t have Heidi call Brent to quit before she went back home. But what a weak way to bring Heidi full circle. We always knew she’d end up back with Spencer (the two never really broke up, let’s face it), we just wish the end result was so pathetic. Feminist hero my ass!