He Says/She Says: Rihanna’s “Take A Bow”

Rihanna’s new single “Take A Bow” is not a song you’re going to be dancing to — unless you’re in seventh grade and find yourself swaying back and forth awkwardly with a scrawny tween boy. But Rihanna is so lovable and lovely that Nathan and I couldn’t resist watching the song’s video together. We agree that she’s fierce but want different things from her. Me? Well, I want to be her.

Nathan: Why is she looking at her nails?
Catherine: Her nails are too long. Like old lady nails.C: What do you think of Rihanna singing slow?
N: I like it. It may take a few times to get it, but then I’ll be singing it like “ella, ella, ella.”
C: Her nails are so distracting.
N: I didn’t notice except at the beginning. Do you really think her life is this drama-filled? You think when she breaks up with her boyfriend, she sings this to him?
C: Well, technically she doesn’t have a boyfriend, since she and Chris Brown are just friends. She’s very good about keeping her personal life out of the press, except for a few kissing pictures.
N: I want her apartment.
C: I want her hair. Or her face. Or her voice.
N: Really? It looks like man’s hair from the back.
C: Well, I want something of hers.
N: You’re scaring me. I didn’t know you were so obsessed.
C: It’s funny that she talks about sprinklers. How many other songs do you think have the word “sprinklers” in them?
N: “It’s Raining Men”? It’s slightly cheesy that she looks at her watch when she says, “it’s time to go.”
C: Yeah. I don’t like it when she tries to act. It’s a little too literal. AND you can read the watch face and see that it’s a Piaget. Do you think they payed to get their watch in this video?
N: Yes! Hundreds of thousands! I like how they come out of this totally tricked out apartment, but then they’re running down the road in what looks like the ghetto. Is she wearing something see-through at the end?
C: I do believe she is showing him what he’s missing. And the look she just gave was priceless…but I’m not sure where this song fits into my life.