Get Your Rocks Off: Craig David’s Favorite Sultry Booty Jams

Remember Craig David? He was that hot, suave soul singer from the U.K. who had a huge hit in 2000 with the song “7 Days”. He hasn’t been big in the U.S. since, but his star has continued to rise in his native country. His newest record, Trust Me, which critics are seriously buzzing about, came out in American on May 6 and the single off of it, “Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance)”, was a Top Ten single in the U.K. We think it’s time for Craig to make a comeback in the good ol’ U.S. And who better than Craig to give us a list of his favorite booty jams — we’ve certainly used his in the bedroom. Playlist, after the jump!

R. Kelly & Ronald & Ernie Isley   R. Kelly – “Down Low”

Kut Klose   Kut Klose – “I Like”

Toni Braxton   Toni Braxton – “Always”

J. Holiday   J. Holiday – “Suffocate”

N2U   N2U – “Breakin’ the Law”

Mario   Mario – “Music For Love”

Tyrese   Tyrese – “How You Gonna Act Like That”

Usher   Usher – “Nice & Slow”

Ray J   Ray J – “One Wish”

R. Kelly   R. Kelly – “You Remind Me Of Something”

[Craig David Official Website and MySpace: Craig David]