Commercials Make Men Less Likely To Clean

How often do you see a commercial for laundry detergent that depicts a father dealing with his son or daughter’s grass-stained clothes? By my calculations, you never do. And this isn’t helping get guys to do laundry or other household chores that are traditionally considered “women’s work.” Men are particularly influenced by the way TV commercials portray them, and 34 percent of them presented them engaged in work behavior, while just 2 percent showed them performing domestic tasks. Women, on the other hand, are least likely to be portrayed working outside the home — only 13.1 percent showed them this way, and 51.5 percent of commercials featuring women focused on selling home products, such as food and cleaners. It’s true that company’s do this for a reason. Women are still the ones buying most of these products. I’m hoping that as people get married later in life, men will start getting used to buying 409 and Clorox wipes and keep doing it when they get married. But then again, I’ve seen my guy friends’ apartments. They may own cleaning products, but they have yet to put them to use. [Newswise]