Big Apple Hotel Offers Mr. Big Package

On Friday, May 30th, shoe stores will be empty, makeup counters customerless, salons won’t have a hair to do, and every man in America will be single for a few hours. It’s opening night of the Sex and the City movie! While looking at all the ads alone can increase your levels of estrogen, and thereby your need for a cosmo, what are the men to do when they have the whole world — sans movie theaters — in the palm of their hands? The Four Seasons in the Big Apple has a plan to keep men entertained in a very expensive and manly way. Their It’s-Not-All-About Sex and the City package includes a round of “anything but Cosmos” at the bar, a steak dinner, complimentary action movie DVD rental, a set of “we’re not gay” double beds so guys can bunk up with their best buddy, and a “Clog Your Arteries” breakfast. Although, for the $2,000 price tag, we ladies would rather have a pair of Manolo’s and then let you spend the rest on beer and power tools. [PR Newswire]