Tyra Talks Trampling, Plus A Poll About Fetishes

Tyra loves it when she isn’t the freakiest entertainment on her show! Girlfriend is fine with flashing a neon thong out the top of her jeans on national television, but some things still make her uneasy — like Pete, a guest with a trampling fetish. Tyra volunteered a dozen of her audience members to indulge his desires. They all hopped up on him at once, some were even wearing heels. As Pete asked them to step on everything from his face to his hands, you know the dude was trying hard to not to pop a woody. All of the twelve women seemed nervous about hurting him, but apparently Pete has already been hurt by women in the past who just couldn’t understand his secret sexual fantasy. He told his sob story to Tyra about an ex-girlfriend who left him when she found out he had been sneaking around at fetish parties, asking women to do what he was afraid to even tell her he wanted. This story got us thinking…how far would we go to indulge a man’s fetish? Would you let a bunch of women trample your boyfriend if that’s what got him off?