The Nookie Know-It-All: Orgasm Stats

“What percentage of women have an orgasm during intercourse? The stats I’ve read really seem to vary, with some studies making it seem kind of rare. Is that true?” – Curious About Climaxes, Cleveland, OH

General statistics (which vary as much as your orgasms do) show a whopping 75% of women failing to reach orgasm during intercourse. 12% percent NEVER EVER achieve one, even through self-stimulation.
A lot of this has to do with knowing your body well enough to determine what turns you on and what doesn’t. I didn’t achieve my first orgasm until my mid-20’s, and didn’t find a partner I could have regular orgasms with until I was almost 30 (I’m 29 now, so you do the math).

I think your comfort level with your partner also has a huge amount to do with it. Nowadays it’s much more common to date and/or sleep with a lot of guys in your late teens/20’s, so it’s harder to learn what works for you. The only G-spot you’ll figure out with that hot guitarist you slept with is on a guitar.

If you’re having trouble orgasming, the best present God gave you is two hands. Use them, my child, and masturbate… A LOT. That way you can figure out exactly what works for you. Then, when you find a partner you feel comfortable enough with (emotionally AND physically) you’ll have your blueprint for O-Town.