Fashion Conundrum: What The Hell Do I Wear With My New Leather Vest?

The only rule I have when I shop is that I will only buy something if it is a DEAL. I don’t buy full price EVER and when I am shopping at resale shops, I won’t buy anything that wasn’t originally expensive at full price. So, this weekend I was shopping at my favorite discount department store and I purchased a fitted leather vest because A) it was a deal and B) who doesn’t need a leather vest? Except, maybe, me, as once I got home, I got very confused as to what to wear it with. I have about a week to test it out before I need to decide to keep or return it, so I’ve put together some potential outfit inspirations so that you guys can weigh in about whether I am a dumb ass for buying the thing in the first place or a fashion maven with vision. For the record, that is me, in my vest, as I wore it today — a disastrous ensemble, to say the least.Option 1: Pairing My Vest With A Girly Dress

Option 2: Rocking My Vest With A T-Shirt, Jeans, And Red Lips

Option 3: Sexifying My Vest With A Feminine Tunic & Pants

So what should I do? Should I keep the vest and walk around proudly? Or take it back and use the $72 for something less ridiculous?