Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t GTA4 or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like these lollipops made with bacon! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

Lick: Maple Bacon Lollypops
SF-based Lollyphiles dropped a breakfast pop of salty bacon trapped in hardened maple syrup. The product’s cooked to order and can take up to ten days to arrive, so gas up the lurker van and get ready to kidnap some trusting young…construction workers.
Bacon candy is really real at

Services: FreeShipping
Nab constantly-updated codes for free and discounted shipping from over 600 e-tailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Macy’s, and PetSmart (hey, you’re already paying the price for embarrassing workplace dog-condom deliveries).
Be cheap at

Actually Cool Housewares: UtiliTILE
Ditch the drawer and store your silver in this 24″x24″ lacquered birch block, riddled with enough slots to shove in four 5-piece cutlery sets. Once all’s jammed in, rear-mounted magnets ensure the ‘ware sticks straight out — making it look like a sad, shuriken-less ninja tried to assassinate you in your kitchen.
Pick up your TILE at

Gear: Burton Sleeper Hoodie
Elevating life in coach, this passport-stamp-printed number comes with an internal zippered pocket for ticket safekeeping, an inflatable/removable neck pillow, snap-out light shield, removable eye mask, and a stash pocket pre-loaded with earplugs, so you can pass blissfully out, now that your sweatshirt already has everything you tirelessly lust over in SkyMall.
Get prepped for takeoff at

Services: How Long Till You’re a Millionaire?
Pop in your current savings, monthly contribution, rate of return, and current age, and this engine’ll spit out how many years and months ’till you crack seven figures (note: the target date gets progressively later with each second you waste looking at sites like How Long Till You’re a Millionaire).
Finally give yourself something to look forward to at

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