The Daily Squeeze: Taser Parties, Motherhood In Sweden, And Sex On Drugs

  • Apparently Taser parties are the new Tupperware parties. [BBC]
  • The best places to be a mother (and a child) are Nordic countries — Sweden, Norway, and Iceland were among the top ten, according to Save the Children. There, they have the highest scores for mothers’ and children’s health, as well as educational and economic status. Several countries in sub-Saharan Africa were among the worst. “A mother’s well-being is connected to her children’s well-being. It is not surprising, then, that in the worst places to be a mom, both women and children die young,” said Charles MacCormack, president and CEO of Save the Children. [AHN]
  • A study of teens and young people in nine European countries reported that a third of 16 to 35 year olds drank alcohol to increase their chances of getting sex, and 26 percent said they took cocaine to prolong sex. [The Press Association]