Pornography From The Past

Erotic pictures from the 1800s were very different from the ones guys gaze at these days. The women didn’t have fake tans or have silicone boobs; there was not such thing as a women’s razor, and they definitely didn’t wax; and men were often photographed with their socks on (just like Eliot Spitzer!). Danny Moynihan says he’s never bought contemporary pornography. He amasses the old stuff, and Private Collection: A History of Erotic Photography 1850 to 1940 includes 250 pornographic photos from his personal collection. How does a person get interested in such a hobby? “I had come across some photos of Austrian origin of rather portly looking ladies in petticoats playing with sex toys. I thought they were rather amusing,” he told The Telegraph. Today, Danny is the owner of one of the world’s largest collections of vintage erotica! [The Telegraph, U.K. and]