The Top 5 Space Studs Of Sci-Fi Films

Science Fiction is full of freaks, but the heroes make us want to get freaky. From spandex spacesuits to alien armor, just looking at these guys makes us sweat. So, in honor of the gentlemen that fend off evildoers and fulfill our fantasies, here’s The Frisky’s Top Five Space Studs of Sci-Fi.

5. Sam Jones as Flash Gordon The bleach blond muscle-bound babe was tough enough to play professional football and fight off intergalactic bad guys. He was an eyeful in spandex on screen, but if you want to see Flash in the flesh, check out his nsfw Playgirl pictorial from ‘75. We’re pretty sure the “Flash! O-oh!” lyric from the theme song came after Freddie Mercury saw this spread.

4. Will Smith as Agent J in Men In Black Although Will Smith makes seriously cheesy movies, even for sci-fi, he looks sooooooo hot doing it. The combination of the suit, the glasses, the silly jokes, and the hot theme song single will make even the toughest film critic still want to eff the Fresh Prince.

3. Harrison Ford as Hans Solo in the Star Wars Trilogy Space cowboys are sexy, especially when they’re also pilots. Handyman Hans knows how to handle a gun and manhandle Leia. Forget The Force, this rebel’s got all the right moves.

2. Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atredies in Dune The astro-aristocrat teen tears up traitors and haters in ripped armor. While Paul may have prophetic visions, he is so dreamy himself. MacLachlan is known for being director David Lynch’s muse, but the pretty boy could inspired anyone with those pursed lips. Although it may be hard to separate him from his small role on Sex In The City, where he played the mama’s boy turn off Trey, Dune will turn you back on.

1. William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek: The Motion Picture Captain Kirk is a hottie prototype. He can make a spandex jumpsuit manly and girls all over the galaxy can’t resist his charms. While William Shattner has still got it, cutie Chris Pine, will be in charge of manning the bridge to bring Kirk to a new generation with the release of another Star Trek movie in 2009.