E-Venge: The Scary New Trend In Breakups

Internet bullying isn’t just for kids anymore, grown-ups are responsible for the growing trend of online torture. A gaggle of scorned ex-girlfriends have set up websites, revised online profiles, sold their stuff on eBay, and posted unflattering accounts of their experiences on the internet in an attempt to wreck their former loved ones love lives. And how could we forget Tricia Walsh-Smith, who’s posted her third YouTube video slamming her ex, above. Why are all these beautiful women getting so ugly? Natalie Lue, 30, told the Daily Mail that she feels better since got her e-venge. “I woke up at 5am and felt an overwhelming urge to vent my anger. So I logged onto my computer and set up a blog. It only took ten minutes, but it felt incredibly empowering.” Really? Cause it sounds craaaaazy! Either way, it’s not for the world to be able to Google. We all know, breaking up is hard to do, even when it’s better for you. But before you go blabbing your sob story, keep in mind it makes you look bad to bad mouth someone you used to love. By making your private life hatefully public, whose reputation are you really destroying? Cry to your friends — and the ones on MySpace don’t count. [Broadway Couples Has It Out In Court — And On YouTube?